Treatments and Prices


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Initial Assessment 

Book if you are new to our practice


Treatment of any type will be initiated in this appointment along with  medical history, medication history, examination of foot pulses, sensation and joint mobility to establish the best treatment plan or where necessary onward referral 


50 minutes£65.00

Routine Treatment 

Book if you are an existing client


Patients who have already been assessed an who need regular skin or nail treatment for pain relief and general foot health and wellbeing 


40 Minutes


Initial Biomechanical Assessment 

Muscle and Joint Pain  



Examination of foot and the whole leg joints (wear shorts or leggings). Gait analysis along with detailed injury and surgical history - Gait tog Force plate analysis may or may not be required. 

60 minutes£135.00

Gait Tog Analysis


Specialised force plate analysis used to build a custom orthotic prescription 

30 Minutes 

Biomechanics Review

Book this if you have had an initial biomechanics assessment



This appointment will review progress following a plan provided at initial assessment , functional ability, exercise completion, review of pain scale


40 minutes£55.00

Medical Pedicure 

Book this appiontment if you need an indulgent treat 



Includes aromatic foot bath, treatment of skin and nails along with sensual oils and warm wax treatment to leave your feet in tip top condition



90 Minues£95.00

Verruca Treatment Package

Book this for treatment of verruca only


 Cryotherapy or use of acids

(booked at weekly or 2 weekly intervals) 


30 Minutes x 8 £20.00 per session (160 across 8 sessions)

Verruca Needling 

Book this for treatment of Verruca only 



Please discuss with your practitioner beforehand as you will need to be assessed for suitability as this is an invasive intervention requiring local anaesthesia 

1 hour£295.00