Podiatry Services

In Forest Hill, Sydenham or in Sidcup. 


With more than 5 years of experience, Hana can effectively treat a variety of conditions ranging from heel pain and ingrown toenails to plantar fasciitis and fungal infections.

Children’s Feet

Alongside her general podiatry services, Hana specialises in treating children’s feet. As children are constantly growing and developing, it is important to make sure that any issues with your little one’s feet are addressed and treated as soon as possible.


From bunion relief and treatment to knee pain, finding the cause of the issue is often the first step towards treating it. Choose Hana’s biomechanics option and start your journey to better health today.

Toenail Surgery

An ingrown toe can be incredibly painful and could lead to a variety of further conditions. Treat your ingrown nail with Hana before it gets worse and leads to further complications.

Verruca Treatment

Verrucae are extremely unpleasant and contagious and can often be painful – spreading to other areas of the foot and resulting in walking becoming uncomfortable. At Happyfeetpod, effective verruca and wart treatment is offered in the form of needling.

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About Us

At Happyfeetpod in Forest Hill, Sydenham, Hana believes that everyone deserves to walk discomfort free with healthy feet. Whether it’s heel pain, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, fungal infections of skin and nails, or other leg, ankle, or foot pain, her podiatry services will diagnose and treat you while educating you about the various therapy choices available.

Get in touch today in Forest Hill, Sydenham, or in Sidcup to find out more information about podiatry services.

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